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Hi again Guys,
This blog isn't about me, it's also a quick blog. This blog is about a very special person who i miss dearly.
Her name is Lucy Marie Wilton, she was 15 and was on the lung transplant list.
Lucy was such a sweet kind hearted, chatty, bubbly girl, and if it was not for CF, no doubt she'd be still with us now.
You see CF makes us who we are as people, but then when you loose someone, who was close to you who has it, it makes me angry.
The reason why it makes me angry, is because Lucy did not deserve to die. She was 15, no teenager should of had to go through what she went through day in day out. Lucy relied on oxygen 24/7, and she kept fighting till the very end, CF didn't beat her, she still beat CF, she has now gained her angel wings, she can fly freely, and most of all breath easy!
But it should not of had to come down to this.

It infuriates me that not that many people sign up to the Organ Donor Register. I totally understand and respect people who don't want to because they don't want to think about death, but i'm sorry, death can happen at any time, of any day. You're never going to be prepared for it. So, if you was in the place where you needed an organ i'm sure most of you wouldn't even question it and you would take it. If you're willing to take one, are you willing to donate them after you have passed away? I think you should. I mean why would you wan't your organs going to waste when you have passed away, when they could go to somebody who truly needs them.
If i inspired everyone who has viewed this blog to sign up to the Organ Donation Register that would be 700+ people on the Organ Donor Register, what a brillaint gift to give someone the gift of life. You could help someone carry on living,But not only someone but at least 5+ people live a normal life, with your organs once your dead. How amazing would that be?!
Please have a think about it, and if i have hopefully changed your mind, do the right thing and Sign up!
When i say it takes one minute it literally takes one minute to sign up.
Be a hero, and most of all be somebody's hero.
                                           Lucy Marie Wilton, 7th may 1997-22nd September 2012

                                 Explains why we should sign up to the Organ Donation Register.
                          Be a hero, Be a donor, Carry your Donor Card.


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