A note to my wonderful Nana

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I know my blogs are normally about me, cf and other things.
But this one is being dedicated to my wonderful, beautiful, amazing Nana.

It's been 2 years you've been gone, and in someways it has felt like a lifetime since, i last saw your face and in other ways it has gone very slow. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that you have left earth, and gone to heaven where all the wonderful angels are. But i know that the reason you was taken, is because you we're needed up in them big fluffy clouds, because god only takes the best.

I think this blog is a good way to reminisce and remember all the good times we had together.

To my dearest Nana,

heaven has yet got another brilliant person, and nobody can replace the memory's we have had together.

you went in hospital on numerous occasion's with your chest but i knew when you went into hospital this particular time something wasn't right my belly had non stop butterfly's like i was going to be sick.Then i got told you was in hospital and had 3 cardiac arrests when your body was sedated i went to see you and gave you a kiss, when i got told that you had them i felt sick to the stomach, but i knew you would get through them and i was right you did! i really don't know how you survived the 3 cardiac arrests as your heart only worked 15 percent all i know is that you was and still are an inspiration to me! it was 6 week's of hell for us dreading that we was going to lose you, but you never failed to put a smile on my face when i went to see you and even though you was poorly you never failed to have a smile on your face when we came to see you!

I felt so sorry for you stuck in the hospital bed with your back breaking not being to be able to get out and do your daily dance and sing song,you still through out all you had been through with three cardiac arrests and your liver not working properly. But you would always say "oh there's somebody worse off than me" which is true but you had been through a lot going on dialysis early in the morning then coming back 3-4 hour's later, mostly every single day. Then when you arrived back to your bed we were sat there and you was so weak and tired, you didn't speak a lot because the dialysis made you tired but you always managed to say i love you and lift your little self up abit to give me a kiss before i went. Even in intensive care when i couldn't see you, you always kissed the picture of me and my twin Chloe in our brides maid dresses, to say good morning and good night, you loved us very very much and as did we love you to!

You had to celebrate you're 56th birthday in intensive care which i knew you didn't like. Me and my twin wasn't allowed to come see you in Intensive care but the staff let us see you on your birthday and you said 'my birthdays been the best birthday i have ever had knowing i could see you girls (Chloe my twin) and you smiled with a big cheesy happy grin.

It must of been hard for 6 week's to be stuck in that bed not having nothing to look out too or not being able to move around as you was a very active person.

Unfortunately after nearly 6 week's of recovering and getting back on track, you passed away.

But we knew you still fought throughout as we found out your liver was starting to work again.

You was a brilliant lady and was such a big influence in my life, you still are!! its 2 years+ since you passed away. It still hasn't sunk in you wasn't just a Nana to me you was like another mother to me and a very dear best friend. You passed away at 56 but I'm happy you was able to stay with us for that long knowing you did the stuff you liked like going on many holidays with your husband (my grandad) John, taking me and my twin to Wales nearly every year. So I'm so grateful and glad i was so close to you. I've got lots of memory's to keep treasured in my heart forever. Rest peacefully now love you SO much Chantelle xxxxx


                                          Words cannot express how much we love & adore you,

We're going to miss our endless laughs and cuddles too.

Even when we were down and blue,

You never failed to help us through.

No one could ever replace a beautiful Nana like you,

Because you wasn't just a best friend you was a mother too.

Every Friday we slept at yours,

Brews, Teas, Toast & more.

Chantelle used to bring round her nail kit

To paint your toes and we would have a laughing fit.

When we look back we had so many good years,

Even-though along the way there were a few tears.

But as the year's roll along, our joy and tears we're gladly share,

Knowing that you will always be there.

We love you Nana and always will

You're with Nana Nora & Granddad Bill.

We're glad that you're no longer in pain,

But just upset that we can’t hear you're beautiful voice again!

Thanks for all the love and care you have gave to us,

We all know you will be looking down,

Guiding us through from the heaven's above.

Rest in paradise Nana 18/08/2010.
We will meet again <3

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