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Hi guys,
Well i thought I'd give you a quick update, on me, and college life.

This week is my last week on placement at the Eye Hospital. I'm definitely going to miss all the people and patients from there (Most of them are regular). Because, they were all so lovely. But, i am ready for a change, as the Eye Hospital wasn't really somewhere i could develop any skills if I'm honest. My next placement is on AM3 which is an Acute Medical ward. Seems really interesting, so i will probably have to go and introduce myself to the ward sometime this week, probably the days I'm already on placement at the Hospital.
Acute Medical if I'm correct is something where there is various different medical cases, which are normally referred to here from A&E. Most of you are probably thinking 'What about CROSS INFECTION' well if i felt i was putting me or others at risk, i would not be going on that ward. No way, it isn't worth the sacrifice of my health or in my thinking other vulnerable peoples health, plus AM1 is another Acute Medical ward which is especially for respiratory, and I'm definitely NOT going on that ward. So i highly doubt there would be any cases of anything Respiratory on AM3, i think it is more Gastric cases if I'm correct.

So CF wise, at the moment since new year i had a cold. Which went thank god. But since, my chest has been a bit worse for wear. So, i rang up my CF nurse (As you do) because of me feeling run down and having ear ache basically just viral symptoms, they put me on some Oral antibiotics which did absolutely nothing. I went for a Lung Function/PFT's (whatever you prefer) and understandably my lung function had dropped, only a smidge which is good! As to be honest, i thought it would of been a little more, so I'm glad it wasn't! My weight was also down as well boooooo, oh and i was so happy that i grew 1cm!! Because as i mentioned in my recent posts, that I've stayed at 151cm for over a year and at clinic i finally grew a centimetre, only to be measured again two weeks later, and apparently i have shrunk. New it was to good to be true. Darn it! Well i finally finished my Oral antibiotics they did absolutely nothing, didn't even touch the sides. I'm now on my fourth pack of Orals!! We did ring the CF nurse again today as i was unsure whether to go down the IV route (Intravenous Antibiotics) because I've been feeling more 'productive' and run down. But they just said to start some new orals a 2 week course, and if they don't work then we will see i guess. The longer i stay off IV's the better but, if i feel i need them, i guess i will just have to.
So to cut a long story short, I'm starting some new orals in the hope that they will sort me out. Anyways enough of me nattering on...
Hope you are all well, and enjoying this cold snowy weather!

It's just turned 4 months since my beautiful friend and CF Cyster Lucy passed away. Still think of you all the time luc, you we're a true inspiration, and a fighter till the very end. Keep smiling luc, we miss you so much down here, but we know heaven needed a beautiful angel up in them fluffy clouds.

If you have kept up to date with my blogs, then you may know i have a Twin. (Non-identical) and if you don't then i guess, now you do. She is a brilliant singer, and if you could spare a minute to go check out her channel please do, She is amazing. Thank you guys. Here's the link, if you fancy having a look.

My beautiful Twinny's Youtube Channel

I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads/views/shares my blog, i really appreciate it. I'm so chuffed at how many views i have had, and if i could get more i would appreciate it. I also love love love feedback so i can improve my blog or also it helps me to keep up with my blog as i know you are interested so please leave me some every now and again. Thanks again.
All my love and well wishes, Chantelle xxx

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  1. Ahh, I love reading your blogs channy!xxx


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