A not so chilled week off college

Hi guys,
Not updated for a couple of weeks so thought I'd update you all on how I'm getting on with my new placement, college work, and cf side of things.

Right so I'll start off with College and Placement that's most probably the easiest too!
College is going good at the moment, apart from the stress of handing in coursework on time, all weekend me and my friend literally did was coursework, and I've also been doing it last night and i will probably end up doing more tonight. Oh i have a fun life. I just keep thinking though once I've completed it, at least that's one less thing to do, but that motivation is slowly fading... As once i get rid of one assignment i have a bloody other one! But i suppose it will all be worth it in the end. i hope...
So placement if you have seen my other blog post then you probably know my first placement was at the Eye Hospital and i was moving to my second placement on AM3 (Acute Medical Ward). Well to round it up in one word it would be... AMAZING. The staff are all lovely, and the people on the ward are lovely as well. Its even better as most of them have been in there for a good few weeks, so you start to build relationships with them. Which is really nice. I have also been able to learn new skills, I've been able to do Obs (temperature, sats, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate the lot!) So that's really wicked. I've also been able to speak to the patients so building up my communication skills, and I've been able to help staff bed bath patients as most of them are poorly that they are un-able to do so. Not only that but I've managed to give out the dinners, help feed people who need help and made a million beds (no exaggeration, although i don't mind as hospital bed making is much easier than duvets and stuff at home) theres so much more to it as well but the page will be rammed with it all and how much i love it. haha!

So CF side...
Wow where to start. No kidding. Erm, if you have read my blogs then you probably know that i started orals and was on my fourth pack tried my fifth didn't do anything. So annoying. So i managed (well my mum) to get in touch with my cf nurse and we've decided to go for IV's just because to be honest i've not been feeling brilliant chest wise,and also the college splits up this Friday so i won't worry missing out on work as I'll be off for 1 week at least good timing for IVs(kinda) wish i didn't need to spend my holidays with IV's but I'd rather get it out the way. It'll be worth it in the end. So yeah, bed booked for Monday coming, will probably update you all on how IV's are and things throughout my stay, because I'll probably be bored and this will entertain me for a while haha!
But apart from the blip with my chest and my silly back which is playing up I'm doing great.

Do you guys have any questions about Cystic Fibrosis that i can try answer and add to a blog post on questions and answers? if so comment below, facebook me, or tweet me. That would be brilliant.

Hope you are all doing well, you lovely viewers. Please continue to share my blog and view it, thank you.
All my love, Chan xxx


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  3. Do you feel your education suffered as a result of CF and treatment?
    How did you manage when kids at school had chest infections?


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