Hi guys,
Sorry I haven't posted since last week I did promise I'd update you all on my admission, IV's and overall how I'm keeping. Well, like I said I decided to go in for IVs on Monday due to not feeling to great chest wise, so I got to the ward and then was waiting to go to the treatment room for my long line insertion. I managed to get there did the normal blood pressure and things before hand, which was fine and started breathing away on the gas and air, life saver I tell you!!
The long line took approximately half an hour due to needing three bloody attempts (literally)!! In the end, it went in, so I had my first dose of IV's and I managed to escape the hospital stay because the anti-biotic I was on and didn't need levels (which I knew was to good to be true...)

My long line

So as of Monday evening I had the community coming out to do my Iv's for me, and typically in the evening my IV line was already on the brink, it was very had to flush and it hurt, I managed to keep it in though up until Friday. Anyway I had been on IVs for at least 5 days and I didn't see any difference with my chest since starting IVs, which was a bit of a bummer, as normally the first few days I'm back to feeling myself. On Thursday night the community nurses came out, and tried to administrate my IVs, but it was refusing to go in. Finally after a lot of pressure (and pain) we got the IVs through. I woke up on Friday morning to find a yellow liquid in my line, which was obviously not right:

So we went to the hospital in the morning, to try and get a new line to replace the old one. But the nurses fully aware that something was wrong with it, and it was hurting, wouldn't take it out as it was flushing perfectly fine. So I decided to put up with it, and toddled off back home. Once I got home I started to feel quite rubbish (temperature, headache etc...) so I took some Paracetamol and got a bath, thinking it would cool me down and make me feel a bit better. Thankfully, It did. I got into bed feeling worn out and sleepy, so I thought I'd have a nap before the nurses got here. I had some sort of fit, I was shaking, couldn't breathe, heart was racing, thankfully the nurses came early, and my mum ushered them upstairs. She came up and she checked my temp, and it was 39.9 so something wasn't right, I took some ibruprofen and she suggested to get an Ambulance, because I felt light-headed and like I was going to pass-out. I managed to get downstairs and into my mums car, and I went to the Hospital. As soon as I got there I went straight into a room where my OBs were done, my temp was still 39.9, my heart rate 156, and my respiratury rate was 36. Three docs rushed in, took my old line out (FINALLY) sent it to a lab to test for infection, and I was comotossed so they put a new canula in. They took loads of bloods and rushed me off to a chest X-ray in a wheelchair:

As you can see I'm rocking the sick bucket and wheelchair.

Thankfully, my bloods and chest x-ray were fairly normal (no new changes) but my CRP levels (infection levels) went from 6 to 106, so they started me on Vancomisin, three times a day, for two and a half hours each time, this brought my CRP levels down. They did this until they found out the results of my line, which does have an infection in, but I can't write it because it's too hard to write haha. So since Friday I've been bed bound in Hospital, been pricked 13 times (4 canulas, 6 attempts of a long-line and then bloods). I feel like a pin cushion, but slowly and surely I'm getting back on track. I still don't feel 100% but I'm getting there. This has been an eventful week, and annoying aswell as this could all have been avoided. So I'll leave this by saying thankyou all so much for your kind messages, and all your visits to the hospital it means a lot.

(p.s Thanks to my sister Chloe for writing this long essay)


  1. Glad you are feeling better and very well written xx

  2. may say so brave,your family friends must be so proud of you, best wish's takecare stay safe always

  3. Keep your chin up sweetheart..your family must be so proud of you for being so strong... Hope you get better soon.. Take care, Louise x

  4. Keep smiling hun ure doing great, wish I had your strength x

  5. you've got some strenght and determination ,good luck to you and well done !

  6. Your such a brave lass , sending you all my best wishes and healing , hope all works out for ya and keep ya chin up kidda xx

  7. glad ur doing so well hun ..such a strong inspirational girl x


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