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Hello strangers/earthlings/ & all other weird things...
I'm not dead I promise, but I do know I owe a update as it's long overdue!!
It's May so this means it's Cystic Fibrosis awareness month.  So be kind and share my blog to raise awareness? Oh also click here, as here's a link to my video for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month!
Right lets get on with blogging so I shall start from hum I don't know where to start, wait, my BIRTHDAY...
Right so I made it to my birthday without falling ill Oh yeah! Because normally it's just my luck I fall ill right before my birthday. Ironic hey. So yes,I was fine and dandy thank god *dances* so If you don't know, well my birthday was on the Tenth of April, and I was turning 17. Such a boring age, I mean can't we just skip a year and be 18 by any chance?
Yes, so I had a lovely day spent it with my family and friends, I went out for a meal at TGI's the weekend before my birthday with my friends, then on my birthday went for Breakfast with my mama, then went for a ANOTHER TGI's with my friend Helen who kindly treated me to it for my Birthday. So if you're reading this by any chance Hels, Cheers love! I also got spoilt, I got loads of lovely presents, and cards so thank you to everyone who sent/gave me a card/present!
After the whole hectic birthday kind of thing, I went away for the week with my mum, twin and step-dad in a lodge in the Lake district, It was absolutley gorgeous and sunny, the lodge was lovely to with a nice view of a little lake so pretty! So I enjoyed my little mini break away, unfortuantly me and my twinny had to come home early than expected, due to College but it was still a nice break away.
Oh yes forgot to tell you guys I sent off for my provisional and it came, so I've now started my driving lessons which I'm loving, I'll warn you though to stay off the roads when I'm on them... Only kidding, I'm not that bad honest!
Right so yes after all the mayhem of my birthday and all, I'll start with how "College Life" is going...
So I've started at a new ward now! Ward 31 Stroke Rehab, it's as amazing as AM3 was! All the staff are lovely, and I love all the patients there, they are all so friendly and because most of them have been there a while, you get to know their face and speak to them a lot more. Although it's even more amazing when you know their health is improving, and they're allowed to leave hospital. Not because I want them to go, just because they've been in hospital for a quite a while so you know the same surrounding must get boring, and because they need a lot of care most are unable to even get off the ward to go outside, or to the cafe so it must be so frustrating, so I love seeing patients improving learning to fend for themselves again, get a bit of normality and then hopefully with beaming faces ready to go home and stay out of Hospital for a good while!
My placement is brilliaint, although College itself at the moment is a bit stressful, I'm not going to lie and sugar coat it. The coursework I'm getting at the moment is Ridiculous, and I'm struggling to keep on top of it. It's like I'm going two steps forward (handing it in on-time) then 20 steps back because I'm getting more, although it's not to bad as we've nearly finished all the units for the year and can focus on getting better marks. So I just keep thinking positive and thinking how fast the first year in College has gone! Bring on Uni... I'm ready for ya!
"CF Life" here's to hoping you've not got bored yet, and clicked off!
So yes if you've read my blogs then you probably know I've been out the Hospital for nearly 3 months now!!! *kerchinggggg* and I'm having spurs of good and bad moments! More good than bad which is good!
I've Just recovered from a cold, it wouldn't of been so bad if Hayfever didn't come in to the mix of things with it!
Summer= Hates me. Winter= Hates me. It's a win-win situation!
But health wise is uhm so and so. But not too bad, could be worse, could be better. But hey! That's life, there's worse of than myself...
I went clinic on Thursday weight is stable which is fab! Height stable (still not grown, darn it!) LF is lower than my norm, so I have to go back soon and do it again. Ideally my doc wants me in for IV's but I'm saying otherwise. I'd go for them if my health was at risk but I don't think it's at risk at the moment :)
I've not got much to update you on really about CF, which I guess is good right?
Eventhough this hasn't got anything to do with CF I'll add this in anyway I got discharged the reason why it's in bold is because it's one of my best words ever!! 1)Because I normally never get discharged from anywhere because I'm normally always going to be going hospital for CF visits. So someone saying discharged to me is like speaking French ha! 2)Because it's less hospital appointments, meaning less time at the Hospital *woot, woot* Yep, so I got discharged from the Fracture Clinic for my back. Don't worry I've not fractured my back... Just I oddly have my appointments there for my back consultant. Yes so I'm no longer needing to go to extra appointments for my back, still got to have physio for it though, as my back hasn't miraculously healed just yet, but the doctor can't do much for me, apart from surgery which neither me or them think I should do. So sticking to the physio to see if that helps, and surgery would only be for a very last resort. If you're wondering why I have been going to back appointments, it's because I have a disc bulge which has been causing me some back problemo's!
Cheesy quote of the day "Keep your dreams alive. Understand that to achieve anything, requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible if you just believe."
Thought I've not done that much, but reading all this back jeesh I seem really busy, but note this is like 2 months worth of updates so I'm not that super busy honest!

Well done to all who ran the 10k Manchester run. Especially to Stuart my cousin who ran it for CF, and also to the others who chose to run it for team cf, it means a lot! 

P.s. Give us some blog ideas if you have time, as I'm running out. It doesn't need to be CF related it can be absolutely anything you want to know about my 'interesting life'. Note that's in apostrophes because I'm being sarcastic there.
Lots of love.
Hope you're all keeping well or as well as you possible can.
Chantelle xx

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