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Sorry for not blogging for a while just been super busy with finishing my first year of college, and I also went to a Festival in London called LoveBox and Harry potter world so yep been super busy to fit in writing a blog. Now I'm not to busy I best get cracking on with what's happened so far.

So General life is good finished my first year of College, been to London and that's about it really. I get my College results tomorrow so hopefully they're not as bad as I think they will be. But, whatever the outcome I've tried my best and that's all I can do so you know.

CF Life well CF things have been up and down a bit recently I was admitted to Hospital a couple of weeks ago for IV antibiotics which I had to have a 3 week course instead of two. My heart rate was super high and my LF not that great so 3 weeks of IV's has kept me steady. I had my annual review today glucose test, bloods and all that jazz I would fill you in but I won't know any results etc. until next week sometime. I don't want to give massive ins and outs and moans about what's been going on CF side of things because to be honest there's worse off than me!

Unfortunately, I have to end my blog with some bad and good news.
Lizzie Andrews ages just 14 waiting for her life saving double lung transplant past away a couple of weeks ago due to the shortage of donors. Lizzie was an absolutely amazing girl inside and out and no matter what she'd never moan about CF when it was getting the best of her! I was so lucky to know of Lizzie and I hope that you help her reach her plea of getting 10,000 donors on the organ donor register just CLICK HERE RIP Lizzie hope you're able to breathe easy and fly freely.

On the other hand, Katie Gammon and Kirstie Tancock are able to live there lives again due to the extraordinary decision for their heroes to sign up and become donors. They both received a life saving double lung transplant on the 10th August. They will do their donors proud, I'm sure of it.

I'll leave you with a few picture of my trip to London Festival and Harry Potter World...

Thanks for reading my boring update, Keep well the lot of ya or else ;)
Chantelle xx

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