CF is like a box of chocolates you never quite know what you're going to get (Medical advice: DON'T forget the Creon)

Thursday, a usual sunny Manchester day (as sunny as it can get) I had a check-up at the Hospital CF clinic of course. So I got up an embarked on my long bus journey to the Hospital unbeknown to me it would turn in to a longer trip than expected...

Clinic went reasonably... Rubbish! My weight was down, my Lung Function down and my social life dramatically down.

I spoke to the usual Dietician, Physio and then Doctor... Straight away without a second thought I was admitted. Wahey!

IV Antibiotics were started, which consists of a two week course, but because I'm awkward it ended up turning into a long 4 and a half weeks hospitalized. My Lung Function puzzled the Doctors so I had to go for a CT scan, a scan which showed my Lungs in 3D to see if there was any significant damage due to a low Lung Function. Fortunately, nothing too major jumped out and the Doctors but it didn't correspond with my low Lung Function, which was quite a mystery.

A week into my IVS, I still didn't feel right, in fact I felt worse! I became very tired, slept most of the day, high fevers, loss of appetite (just what I need when I need to put on weight) and suspected measles due to a red, blotchy rash from Head to Toe! Turns out I am just severely allergic to Meropenem, one of the IV Antibiotics I was on *wipes forehead* I was took off Meropenem about a week later, and things didn't really seem to improve regardless of my intense physio and my IVS. So after 3 weeks of being in Hospital, my Doctor decided to transfer me to a different specialist Hospital via Ambulance for specialist physio equipment which hopefully would increase my lung volume.

The physio equipment which I used was called 'The Bird' this machine is like a ventilator except you can obviously turn it off. It forces air in to the lungs when you inspire to increase the lung volume and hopefully get under the secretions to force them up. This however didn't work. The doctors were still puzzled as I still wasn't improving as much as they hoped so they introduced another machine called the Bi-Pap again this is like a ventilator but works differently than 'The Bird'. This machine is a continuous force flow of air through both inspiration and expiration this would help keep my airways open enough to let 'The Bird' do it's job. Thankfully after a vigorous four and a half weeks of IV's and specialist physio I have managed to get my lung function up 12% it took a lot of hard work but I've got there. I'm hoping to avoid the hospital for a good while!

I do hate moaning about me, and CF. I'm not doing this blog for sympathy, I do this blog to help raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, and to hopefully educate people on Cystic Fibrosis. Even if it is the good, the bad, and the ugly...

Thank you so much for reading, please share my blog and please if you have time I appreciate any feedback.

P.S would like to thank the people who have sent me well wishes and even come up to the hospital to visit me it is very much appreciated!!


  1. Chantelle I'm glad you're out of hospital and a little better, bet you're glad to be home :) You're a very brave, smart and beautiful girl. Wish you peace, health, happiness and love <3<3 Eibhlîn xx,

  2. You are such a beautiful and inspirational girl Chantelle


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