Hospital, and a few things ticked off the Bucket List.

As you are all aware I was discharged from the Hospital over a month ago so not so long ago well I went back to the hospital to have a Bronchoscopy. This was scheduled when I was admitted but it got cancelled, so I had it rescheduled for a few weeks after being discharged. Everything went well with the Bronchoscopy which was really good news and they managed to remove a lot of mucous from my Right top Lung.

A few days after the Bronchoscopy I started to feel a bit bruised and more productive which was normal so I just left it. The Bronchoscopy was on the Friday and by the Monday I started to feel a little worse, and wasn't really improving. By Wednesday night I had a roaring temperature and no sleep due to my chest waking me up. It got to 7 o'clock in the morning and I never want to go Hospital but I literally couldn't hold a sentence together I was struggling so much to breathe, so I went to A and E to get myself checked out they did the usual obs. My heart rate was very high and resting at 176, my SATS were high 80's which is pretty low, so I was put on 5 Litres of Oxygen and my Temperature was a roaring 39.9. So something definitely was not right. I had bloods and an X-ray done which both determined an infection, what infection I still do not know. My CRP Levels (infection levels) were 96 and if I'm right they shouldn't be over 10 so yes they was pretty high. I started IV's and after a few days my oxygen was slowly reduced to 2Litres which is good.

My weight again was down and the last admission I was asked if I would start NG tube feeding, I kindly declined. But my weight had dropped so dramatically within a four week period that they asked me again. Again I said no, I said I will only do it as a last resort, and they said well this is really the only thing we haven't tried to help improve your Lung Function. So I want to stay out of Hospital for a little while so I went ahead and tried it, I now have NG Feeds at home overnight which gives me a lovely extra 2,000 calories while I sleep. I pass the NG by myself and have now been able to do it without drinking anything yay! I'm so glad I choose to have them because it takes so much pressure off trying to gain weight. Because when you're not well your appetite isn't really the best so it's good that I know I can have 2,000 calories without worrying. Plus I've noticed since I started the feeds I've managed to have a little more energy than usual which is really good. So if any of you who are reading this and have been asked to start NG/Peg feeds and unsure me, personally would recommend it p.s. if you want any advice feel free to Tweet me: Chanmillward_ :)

So yes my two week IV antibiotic hospital stay started and I was put again  on the Bi-pap and The Bird three times a day for my physio. These two machines are amazing they help so much! After two weeks of IV antibiotics and vigorous physio treatment I have managed again to get my Lung Function up a whopping 10%!!

I have waited over a year to see Jessie J at her concert and these tickets were bought kindly from my lovely Mum for mine and my Twins GCSE Results. So I was admitted the week before Jessie J which was really annoying and the Doctors were half and half whether to let me go due to being on Oxygen. But I was determined to so I managed to take my oxygen off for short periods of time a day to wean myself off it, and by the Friday of the concert I was only needing it overnight. So this meant I was able to go wahey! It was so manic because my Aunty and her kind friend managed to get in-touch with Jessie J's management, and if you don't know I'm quite a big Jessie J fan. They told her management what had happened, and her management then went on to tell Jessie J yes Jessie J!! And Jessie J said "she was touched by my story, and wanted to meet me" I was nearly having a breakdown haha! So I had to cram my afternoon physio in, my IV's which took around 1 and a half hours, and a shower in in the space of 2 hours!! I had to literally have a shower attached to my Drip pump and probably nearly got myself electrocuted but it's all good as I got to meet her! I probably wouldn't of made it there in time if it wasn't for my Twins help in getting me ready, so thank you! When me and my Twin met her she was really nice we got a picture, and then she said I'm so happy you could make it, and she said we was able to see her performance in VIP!! It was one amazing experience which I will never ever, ever forget. Thank you so much for my Aunty Emma, and her friend for making it possible for me to meet her! & thanks for Jessie (Even though she probably won't read this) for agreeing to meet me. So that is one thing ticked off my Bucket List, if you want to see the picture it's on my Bucket List page :)

Last but not least on my Bucket List I had a wish to get a car and it to preferably be a Fiat 500. Well you're never going to believe it I have got one, in White. It's called Frankie, Frankie the Fiat! Again there's a picture of it on my Bucket List Page, go have a nosey.

So there's been a few highs and lows but overall I couldn't be more happier. I have my UCAS sent off for Universities, and hopefully I am able to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse.

Thanks for reading. Please continue to share my blog and get more people aware.
All my Love, Chantelle x


  1. great interesting read as always least your life is not boring ...luv
    u xx

  2. Wonderful Chantelle - please post me a link to your bucket list - Lets get these badboys dreams realised - Sharon xx

  3. What a fantastic inspirational young lady x X if I can help ...I will ?

  4. Love Zoe , Sharon's friend x

  5. Wow all i can say is what a true inspiration you are!! I hope you get all your dreams.xx

  6. Thank you so much for you're amazing words everyone. This helps me so much to keep blogging X


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