Why are so many disabilities judged?

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This Blog post is a touchy but passionate subject to me. So before I start rambling on, I'm just going to warn you, you either are going to love it and agree, or hate it and disagree (everyone has their own thoughts and opinions). Basically what I'm trying to say is this post is going to be a bit like Marmite.

All disabilities are quite ignorantly criticised by the general public. I am one to have done it myself don't get me wrong. Sometimes you don't mean to do it, or sometimes you're just that narrow minded that you don't have the thought processor, and quite wrongly discriminate the disabled which is pretty sad.

Disabilities are not just classed on whether you can physically see it, disabilities can be classed on other things as well which you might not be able to see.

Invisible disabilities can be just as difficult to manage as well as a physical disability. I've noticed some people tend to ignore invisible disabilities, and their attitude towards them are damn right rude and out of order. For example on Twitter a lovely person with Cystic Fibrosis had a Blue Badge which she only uses on occasions when she can not walk far distances. A man quite oblivious to this seen her happily get out the car without a struggle, and seen she didn't have any signs physically to say she was disabled. I.e. a wheelchair, oxygen, walking stick, a limp etc. So he automatically thought she was disrespectful and using the disabled space for no purpose. She ended up getting a quite arrogant letter from this man (Below)
I thought I'd show you this as this is a brilliant example of the ignorance of society today. Don't be so quick to judge, just because a person hasn't physically got something wrong with them, doesn't mean their not suffering in other ways. Please keep and open mind and next time you judge someone who looks perfectly fine parking in a disabled bay just remember, looks can be very perceiving.
Visible disabilities have also discrimination from the public, and the ignorance of some public is appalling. When I walk around I see so many people gawping at wheelchair users or people who have a visible disability. It's horrific. I mean of course we have all done it, I have too but I've began to realise how horrible this may feel to be stared at, laughed at and even be abused for being disabled. It is horrible, vindictive and nasty. People with physical disabilities have as much right to a job as any other person, they have as much right to shop around like any other person, they are normal and shouldn't be treated differently and stared at for this. They're not from a freak show. Just imagine how you would feel if you was put in the same situation as people who have physical disabilities. Their confidence being diminished because of the public, they have took the courage to go out and face the world and we should have the courage and respect to respect them equally, and offer them help if they need it.
We are all human, we can not define normal so accept people for who they are, and remember "treat others how you, yourself would like to be treated".
The reason I've done this blog is because recently when I've been walking around with my Naso-Gastric tube in I've noticed the many stares I've been given, the snobby looks I've received and the ignorant comments as well like "Eat more". Some people say why don't you get angry? why don't you explain why? Well because it makes me laugh and feel sorry for people who are that narrow minded if I'm honest, and there isn't any point wasting my energy on getting angry at people for it. So you just tend to laugh and shrug it off.

The reason I have to have an NG in isn't because I don't eat because I do. It's because I am struggling to put weight on. So I have a liquid food of 2,000 calories a night to help keep me a healthy weight to fight infections and to keep my lung function stable. The reason why some people with Cystic Fibrosis struggle to maintain their weight is because breathing and coughing can burn more calories and breathing alone uses more effort than a healthy person so therefore we tend to burn more calories doing so. Another reason as well is that people's appetite when they particularly don't feel great isn't the best, and you tend to eat less so this again can make your weight suffer. 
Without NG.
With NG.
So all I'm trying to say is that something visible shouldn't cause judgement and turn heads in society it should stop. And that an invisible disability shouldn't cause judgement either unless you know the full story. I'm going to leave you with this question. If you was judged, stared at or treated horrible by people because of a disability whether it be physical or not. How would you like it? How would you feel?
Thank you for reading. Please share and lets change the way the society thinks and their ignorance to disabilities.
Many thanks, Chantelle x

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