Four hospital admissions, a port and adult care later...

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Hiya blog world.

Not posted for a good while!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a fantastic new year! I know I did!

So since my last blog post I have had four hospital admissions...

& also in that time I have transferred to adult care!!

A week after my last blog I was again admitted back in to hospital because my lungs were playing up! All went well and I managed to get my lung function higher than it had been for a while, which was good! I then had an admission in December for again a CF exacerbation. Then in January which wasn't plain sailing if I must say.

I had started the usual 2 week IV course which turned in to a bit longer as my CRP (Infection levels) on arrival was 43 then after my two weeks the day I was supposed to get discharged (typical) I was feeling pretty crappy and had a roaring temp of 39, I was throwing up so much I was literally throwing my stomach lining up LOVELY... I was dehydrated so I was put on full maintenance fluids, and only managing to keep temperatures down with IV paracetamol. My CRP came back and indicated I had an infection and they wasn't down after two weeks of IVs and was in fact 96, they then kept rising up to 154. The doctors were unsure why I was poorly, and sent me for various tests and scans.  I was on the brink of getting a lumbar puncture as they thought I had viral meningitis. Luckily I avoided one!  PHEW. But it still didn't really outline why I was feeling so rubbish. I started to get a rash similar to the rash I had when I was severely allergic to Meropenem and it seems I'm now allergic to Tazocin! another to cross of my list. After an extra few days in hospital I got myself better, but what caused me to fall poorly is still a mystery haha.

So I've just recently again finished another course of IV antibiotics and this time it wasn't in Paediatrics it was in Adults. This was decided in my first CF adult appointment. The unit and all the team are all lovely, friendly, supportive and welcoming. The rooms are amazing and they are literally like your own mini apartment. It has an en-suite, kitchen, wardrobe, fridge etc and the unit even has a washer and dryer how great?!

But that isn't what won me over it was in fact the food. You could have a full English, croissants etc for breakfast, various starters for lunch, and dinner and various main meals and desserts as well. The food isn't the typical hospital food, and it has special chefs just for the ward to cook proper meals! Literally every night without fail a sweet trolley would come round with various different snacks like walkers crisp, monster munch, starburst, smarties, rolos, freshly made cakes...  & may I add this was for FREE! (BONUS)


In the time I was admitted in to hospital at adults I had a port a cath fitted. This was planned. The reason why I had a port a cath fitted is because I've had a lot of hospital admissions the past year that my veins have had enough, and are pretty much scarred so access is a struggle. So, if you're wondering what a port is well... A port is a device which sits under the skin (about the size of a ten pence piece approx) and it has a catheter (Line) which is in a vein in your neck again under your skin and when you need IVs, bloods etc a needle is simply inserted in to the port  to administer drugs, or draw back blood. It is so much easier!

This is my port accessed

A bit of a boring, and lengthy update but felt I needed to upload a new blog aha. Hope you're all well.
Chan x
P.S after one failed attempt and a lot of revision I have finally passed my theory test, so that's one step further to being able to drive Frankie on my own, legally wooo.

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