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I haven't written a blog post since March so thought it's probably best to write one. I haven't got a title for this one because I have had so much go on that nothing can be summed up in one sentence haha.


I have a baby brother called Taylor now, who is now 11 weeks old. He's absolutely gorgeous, so smiley and just makes the whole family complete.

I also enjoyed a girly week a way with my twin, Ebony, and Melissa to sunny Mallorca and mental Magaluf. It was amazing, I wish I could be back on the beach right now sipping cocktails...

&  I HAVE FINISHED COLLEGE. For me this was a big deal because I have had a lot of time of College this year due to health that overall I probably spent all of 6 weeks in College. I had so much to catch up on in the last two weeks of term that I genuinely didn't think it was possible. But I tried to change that and with a bit of a challenge which I love I made the impossible, possible and handed all my work in and edited it within a two week period. This meant I had to try and stay in College even when I wasn't feeling my best, and go home and still do work which meant I was up till' four in the morning most nights finishing it having a few hours sleep and back up at half seven for College. But, I did it, I completed it and I'm glad to see the back of it all. Such a massive relief. Good news is my hard work has paid off and I have just recently found out I have managed to get an unconditional offer at Edge Hill University for Adult Nursing which I wanted to go to, for April 2015. I haven't found my A-level results out just yet, but my University obviously have and I must of gotten the grades. So I'm not fussed really what I get because I got in! I'm buzzing! I'll try update you with my A-level results when I get chance (busy body an' all haha) I find out on the 14th August. & Good luck to all the other students who find out as well.

Health wise everything is still a bit up and down with me at the minute. I've had four hospital admissions since the last time I posted two of those being through A&E because my chest was playing up and my heart thinking 167 beats a minute was acceptable. But, I can say all my stays in adults have been fairly easy and I've not had too have longer than two weeks in hospital which is good. I had my annual review whilst I was in hospital and some of which still needs doing, I had my annual glucose tolerance test which I have now finally found out that I have Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes. I am not on any treatment for it as of yet as I am still having to monitor my blood sugars for the time being.

CF Related Diabetes is a bit of a weird type of diabetes its a mix of Type 1 and Type 2. The body still produces Insulin unlike Type 1 where the body does not produce any. People who have CF tend to develop CF Related Diabetes because as you may or may not know the body of a person with CF makes thick sticky mucous and overtime this mucous scars and blocks the part of the pancreas which produces insulin but not to the extent where it stops producing insulin altogether. Hope I've got that right, still trying to grasp the concept of it myself its so confusing haha.

Hope you're all well. Sorry for the long update.

Chan x

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  1. Love reading your posts, you are so inspiring and show where hard work can get you. So gorgeous and admirable x


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