A-levels, Nursing and a little update...

I'll start from where I left off...

If you read my blog then you will all be aware that I was waiting to receive my A-Level results I promised that I'd blog what I got but I kind of got side-tracked.

Well, I'm happy to say I go three distinctions which is equivalent to three A's at A-level. I have also recently started another college course doing media makeup and photographic hair to keep me entertained up until I start university in April.

I'm so excited to start my nursing and I know that it isn't going to be easy to fulfil my dream of being a nurse but this makes me a whole lot more determined to get there. After a recent hospital admission the subject on what I'm doing at university came up and I knew what the doctor was going to say. After many years of discouragement saying that nursing wasn't the best career choice to choose I still have planned to go ahead with it. I have had a very rude doctor say to me a few years back "why don't you just do hair and beauty?" first of all that is pretty blunt and sexist and second of all telling me that is going to make me all the more willing to prove you wrong. I am aware that doing nursing holds many risks but I am willing to take those risks to help others. I was recently told by my Doctor that doing nursing will quite frankly "shorten my life span" although that was quite a shock to the system I am still going to go ahead and try to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse. This is because its a massive passion to me, and well to be honest if it does mean I have a shorter life then I'd rather have a short life and be happy and achieve everything I have wanted to do then have a long life dwell on what I could have done and have an unhappy life. That's my opinion anyway. So Edge Hill Uni see you in April!!

Well, i thought i might also tell you that I have passed my driving test and I am now finally legally allowed to drive Frankie the Fiat on my own. Woohoo it's about time I've had lessons for well over a year now...

Well health wise I've recently just came out of hospital from an IV course so I'm feeling okay at the minute! During this time I had an endoscopy which is a camera down my throat to have a look in my stomach, and oesophagus. This was done because I have had really bad acid reflux and severe nausea which anti-sickness and anti-acid tablets do not help with. They found that I have a hiatus hernia and esophagitis which is redness and inflammation due to reflux. This wasn't a shock but still hasn't really highlighted why I am constantly feeling sick, and being sick. I'm hoping that after my pH test it will help to outline more why! That's it really with my health nothing to major has happened which is always a good thing lol.

Wrap up warm guys and girls as it seems that winter is well on its way aha,
Chan x


  1. so proud of you Chantelle! such a strong girl, doing so well xxxx

  2. Aww thank you Melissa , that means alot xxx


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