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So I'm currently in hospital writing this blog post from my hospital bed with a lovely brew at hands reach (got to be done). I'm slightly going a bit nutty in here so  I thought I'd write a blog post and give a little update to keep me occupied.

Before procedure:
My last blog post I wrote regarding having various tests for reflux I have had all those tests done and it had been decided that I would have a Fundoplication done to stop my reflux, and also have a PEG tube put in at the same time to save two procedures. This is because I've done well over a year of Naso-gastric feeding and quite frankly having a PEG put in will save a lot of time from passing my NG, it wasn't an easy decision but I feel it is the right one because I know having this fundoplication will make passing my NG a lot harder as well. I have continued to do my feeds but I'm not allowed to do them overnight due to my reflux because the worry was it may have been going in to my lungs when I'm asleep causing me to get more infections in the lungs. This is a pain in the bum because it means I'm hooked up for a good few hours a day to my feed which is okay in hospital but at home trying to have a social life it was making it a lot harder. If you're wondering what the Fundoplication is well its a keyhole surgery operation (sometimes they may have to do open surgery but that's less likely) and what they do is repair any damage for example Hiatus hernias (which I do have) so they will repair that then wrap the top part of my stomach around my oesophagus so the stomach is tighter causing less reflux to come up which is good. The only downfall to this is that it has a strict diet of liquid for the first week such as drinks and soups with no bits, then really soft foods for another 4+ weeks this is because the stomach is a lot tighter it will be a struggle to swallow the foods and that will mean they could get stuck, and it could also mean that'll loosen the stomach so I'd have the same problems again. I hope that makes sense? I've calculated that after this operation I will have 15 yes 15!! less tablets to take daily which is a hell of a lot so I can't wait for that, and the obvious reason that reflux won't be a problem anymore nor waking me up at night hallelujah. A PEG is a feeding tube which is permanently situated in the stomach so unlike NG you cannot take this out and put it back in again. It is a lot easier for the fact it's instant access to hook feeds up in the day, or night to get those extra calories so as much as I've been against them, I do feel now is the right time for this to make sure that I am the best and healthiest as I can be for the start of my Nursing course at university in April, so it'll all be worth it fingers crossed...

After procedure:

Where to start...
Well first of all let me start by saying the operation went well and it took four hours overall. I was in recovery for about an hour and a half well so I was told. I then got moved to the Intensive Care Unit after my procedure this was planned as a precaution. I was in Intensive care for the night which was a sleepless night I must say having someone at the end of your bed constantly monitoring you is mad, but the staff were so lovely and helpful. The only awkward thing was because of the pain I couldn't really sleep so there was awkward eye contact haha. I was given a morphine pump and oramorph for the pain. The first two days after surgery which you'd think would be the worst was my best oddly. After a couple of days I started to go downhill, all the pain relief I was on was just not touching the pain at all, I was on a constant morphine pump, two hourly doses of oramorph, lidnocaine patched and IV paracetamol. The pain was not under control I was just out of it from all the pain relief I was on and I don't remember a good week of my life haha. I couldn't move from my bed, my dignity went right out the window this admission... My chest after surgery wasn't great either it was just one thing after another. I couldn't breathe properly nor cough because of the pain and it was much worse when coughing, I couldn't move or walk which wasn't helping my chest either. I was on 10 litres of oxygen at rest which is quite a lot. I also pretty much didn't eat for a week so I had to have blood tests daily to check all my vitamin levels and I had to have added vitamins IV and through my PEG. It was much more difficult because I couldn't swallow any tablets due to the Fundo so I had pretty much all my medicines in liquid form like a baby again but luckily down my PEG. My creon also had to be liquid form, and if I did eat my diet mainly consisted of soups and yoghurt's. Luckily my appetite is back, and now I'm able to eat pretty much my normal foods as long as I chew them properly.  Because my pain was so bad I was sent for a CT scan to see if there was any complications everything came back ok from the surgery side of things, but I was told that I had pneumonia which would determine why my breathing was so bad. I had to start moving and shifting the mucous because I would just get worse. The only problem was because I was on so much pain relief this affected my balance, and because I was bed bound for a week I had to learn how to basically walk again and strengthen my legs. I got severely exhausted from just walking a few metres and was needing 14 litres of oxygen to move around. But after persuasion from the physio and determination from myself everyday I managed to walk further, and I made sure I was off the oxygen so I could go home for day leave for Taylor's 1st Christmas. Luckily I was able leave so I didn't miss his first Christmas which I was so chuffed about. In this admission like things couldn't get worse I broke a rib as well just my luck. Luckily that pain is starting to ease and I'm feeling so much more better than I was. I've had a tough stay this admission and it consisted of me being in for five whole weeks. It's safe to say I'm now home and I am extremely happy about that. I'm so happy that everything is getting back on track now and I can look forward to starting my nursing. This recovery has by far been the hardest but It has been worth it I don't feel sick anymore, I don't have reflux and now I only take one anti-reflux medication compared to 15 tablets all in all so that's good. I'm also able to have my feeds overnight as well which is good because now I can pile on the pounds I've lost!
If anything I've learned from this admission is that how much support I've had of family and friends. I really cannot put into words how thankful I am for you all thanks for the messages and triple thank you for the people who have made the effort to come and see me in hospital, it means a lot to me.  This admission has also made me realise how lucky I am that I can do things for myself because not being able to move really for a week, or do anything without assistance was so hard, and I truly feel for those who need help 24/7 they are amazingly strong willed!
P.S extra thanks go to my mum and Chloe (my twin) who stayed with me a few nights in hospital and took care of my demands, it means a lot and I love you both to the moon and back.
Sorry for the rambles, hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got spoilt rotten, and had a lovely new year, make this year yours!!
all my love,

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