TWO yes TWO years on...

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Well, Well, Well,

I've decided that I've been a bad blogger for too long, so thought I'd give you all an update, if you're interested that is?

I'm not even sure where to start, but starting would be a start right? Confused myself there if I'm honest.

From where I left off I had my Fundoplication/PEG insertion operation, and was due to start my university course in Nursing in the April of 2015. Well, I started and it was amazing, I met so many amazing people on the course and in the halls. I have memories to last me a lifetime, but unfortunately due to my health I had to give it up because it just wasn't doing my health any favours at all. Of course I'm sad, of course I had the CF Sucks mentality for a while but... I'm over it, I've done it and at least I can say I've tried. And, I mean who's to say it's off the cards completely? Course it isn't I don't give up that easily, It might be a year down the line, or 10 years down the line but I'm certainly not going to let anything get in the way of it.

2016 was a bit of a rubbish year if I'm honest physically, and mentally. I just was so sick of being in hospital, and CF affecting every aspect of my life, especially when you try so, so hard to not let it define you, but sometimes it just does. Especially when that's all you have to constantly focus on to make sure your health doesn't suffer. Not only this but I lost a very, very close friend to Cystic Fibrosis. Her name was Donna, and my god did she have an amazing out-going feisty character and I loved her for that. I looked up to her like she was my big sister, she gave me the best, most honest advice. And in someways I have to thank CF for this because it brought us together, as cliché as that sounds. I miss her so much. I will write a blog post just dedicated to her at some point, but right now its far too raw. I love you so much mate, always and forever.

So now we're in 2017 can you believe it like I can't believe how fast the years are going. I've kind of come into 2017 with a "fuck it" mentality, excuse my language haha. But, I think life's far too short to worry and have regrets so I'm living my life to the full as much as my body will allow me to haha. I've got my 21st birthday to look forward to, I've booked a girls holiday abroad & I'm also hosting a charity night in honour of the amazing ward I am looked after for my condition. To find out further information about my charity night, or to donate then please Click here. So all in all there's a lot to keep my mind busy right now, which is all positive. If you're interested in buying any tickets for the charity night then just drop me an email by clicking here and I'll send you all the information on dates, prices and how you can purchase them.

I've recently come out of hospital after pretty much 5 weeks(ish) of IVs due to first of all catching a winter viral which floored me to then only being home a week and catching Flu A. All full and games hey?! Kiddinf! I can honestly say having the Flu is THE worst thing to have, ever. It compeltely floors you, I literally couldn't even lift my head off the pillow I was that exhausted. But, I'm home now, on the mend, still recovering from the Flu but feeling so much better both physically,  and mentally.

Thought I'd try keep this blog post short(ish) & sweet, but I'm going to try be a good blogger from now on  and blog more regularly now. Of course I'm going to keep blogging on health related topics, but I'm also going to try blog about beauty, and fashion too because I'm really into that!
Please give me some questions for my next blog so I have some sort of ideas to go off, it would be great if you could.

Thank you so much for reading, I've missed doing these blogs so much, it's so mentally refreshing.

All my love

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