Bucket List

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1)Pass my A-levels (I Got Distinction, Distinction, Distinction which is equivalent to three A's at A-Level.)
2)Pass my Theory
3)Pass my driving test

4)Have my own car

5)Get into a University to Study Nursing

6) Meet a Celebrity

7)Get 15,000 views on my blog, Let's make it happen before 2014
8)Get 25,000 views on my blog before 2015
9)Get a Michael Kors bag
10)Get a thigh tattoo

11)Get a Louis Vuitton handbag
12)Get a MacBook
13)Get a celebrity to Retweet my blog

14) Go to Disneyland Paris

15)Skinny Dip in the sea abroad
16)Go to the three fashion capitals (Milan, Paris, New York)
17)Swim with Dolphins
18)Volunteer at a hospice such as Francis House

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